• I am a mom to three amazing adult children from my first marriage – twins Evan and Meredith -19, and their older sister Maddie – 24.  
  • I met my husband David while shooting tequila and drunk dancing to bad 80’s tunes seven years ago and – despite that less than promising beginning – we have been together and in love ever since. He is my biggest sobriety supporter.
  • I have been an HR director, copywriter  and event planner.  Now I mostly write and do the occasional project for my husband’s business.  I feel blessed to work from home, where putting on clean sweats is power dressing.
  • I love art, travel, reading, “internesting” in bed on lazy mornings, and staying fit.  That last one’s BS, obviously. Unlike those perky,  ponytailed women with 5% body fat who live in Lululemon yoga pants,  I don’t particularly enjoy working out.  But I begrudgingly do it anyways,  because Lord knows I need some healthy endorphins, and when I hit 50, my metabolism slowed to that of a hibernating bear.
  • I try to do the New York Times crossword puzzle daily, I love Game of Thrones and old sci-fi flicks, and tend to be more of an introvert than a social butterfly.  Having happily admitted to my nerd qualifications – you won’t catch me in cosplay or playing Pokemon Go – ever.  
  • One of my favorite things in life is to snuggle with my husband and my dumb-but-cute-as shit Pom Dexter, while watching high-brow BBC shows and low-brow zombie apocalypse movies on Netflix.
  • As recent empty nesters, my husband and I chose to downsize, moving to a downtown loft about a year ago.  Our place is in a historical building and sits directly over a dive bar. It’s the kind of bar that opens at 9 am but has people checking the door at 7 am.  ‘Nuff said.
  • I’m not gluten-intolerant, lactose-intolerant, vegan, octo-vegetarian, paleo, or fruitarian.  Basically I will eat just about anything, except bugs.
  • I am deathly afraid of bugs.
  • This blog will not feature pictures of people doing yoga on the beach with quotes like “You are luminous, magic stardust forged in the crucible of cosmic fire.” 
  • If you want to see idealized portrayals of picture perfect lives, there are already a gazillion  blogs out there doing just that.  This ain’t one of them.
  • I am opinionated, but also very open to hearing other points of view.  I think it’s extremely dangerous and divisive when we refuse to venture out of our own echo-chambers.  Respectful disagreement is always okay by me.
  • I believe laughter and a having a sense of humor is a huge part of recovery and life in general.  
  • I want this to be a place for community. Recovery is hard enough – let’s not go it alone.